Public School Teacher

Before beginning my career as a firefighter, I was very proud to be a public school teacher and coach. I feel that being a part of the education profession gives you a unique perspective on the needs of our children and our families.


Northside Business Owner

For over 18 years, I opened, worked in, and owned several restaurants, providing jobs for thousands in the community. I was part owner in Mercado Juarez and I participated in its opening. I also owned a mesquite roasted chicken restaurant on 25th Street in 1985, and became affectionately known as “Colonel Sanchez.” I currently own a financial planning business that continues to operate on the Northside today after being established in 1997.


Fort Worth Firefighter

I spent 28 years as a firefighter, serving the vast majority of this time on the Northside. I was named Rookie Firefighter of the Year in 1989. In 1991 I was selected as Northside Battalion 3 Firefighter of the Year, as well as Firefighter of the Year for the entire city. In the early 1990’s, I was a founding member of the Hispanic Firefighters’ Association in Fort Worth. Over a short period of time in 1991, our community lost 18 children within blocks of each other as result of fires. Each of these fires had one thing in common - lack of a working smoke detector. I saw the need to form an established group to go into the Northside community and make sure everyone had working smoke detectors. With the help of former city councilperson Louis Zapata and the Fort Worth Fire Department administration, we collected funds to buy the detectors and install them free of charge. This program was eventually adopted citywide. I am proud that the impact of this program is still felt today on the Northside, and all over the city.


My Education

I graduated high school in San Antonio. I received a BS from the University of North Texas in secondary education and an MBA from the University of Dallas in International Management.



I have been married for 44 years to my beautiful wife and high school sweetheart, who is unfortunately afflicted with Alzheimer’s and is a resident in a memory care center near my home. My daughter is 25 years old and lives in Austin.


My single mother, with the help of my grandmother from Saltillo, Mexico, raised me in San Antonio along with my three brothers. Currently two of my brothers, who are disabled veterans, reside with me on Lee Ave in District 2.